Sims2Pack Clean Installer - FAQ

FAQ v0.3

What are the red files ???

Packages that are marked in red contain data that overwrites original game files. This might be any kind of game rules override like teen woohoo, but it also might be some object made by Maxis ® or a Career package.

Should I remove red files, no matter what ?

It is completely up to you. If you're not sure what it is and you want to be sure your game is clean of hacks, remove it. If it is something you know and like, leave it in.

What are those pink files ???

S2PCI marks duplicated files in pink. You may sort the file list by MD5 to find the duplicate files (they have the same MD5) and remove one of them. You might want to check filenames of the packages and remove the one which has a weird name consisting of some number and characters only.

What are the light blue files ???

Packages that are marked in light blue, with a type of "Incomplete BodyShop Project", contain BodyShop projects which do not have a Binary Index. These are almost always incomplete BodyShop files, which were taken from the Projects folder instead of the Saved Sims folder. However, there are some default replacements which will be incorrectly flagged.

Should I remove light blue files, no matter what ?

If the files do not show up in BodyShop and your game, then you should remove them. However, some default replacements are incorrectly flagged; you probably don't want to remove any files which show up correctly in your game.

How do I check filename of the package ???

Hover your mouse over the checkbox next to a file and a popup with filename and other information will appear.

What are those empty packages ???

Actually they are package files that have no files inside them. If you have a lot of downloads you might have a lot of those files, some people reported having 300 of them. It is known that they are sometimes created when installing lots. You can remove them, since they are empty.

How do I install multiple lots automatically ???

What you have to do is go to your S2PCI folder and open S2PCI.ini file with notepad. Now find a line which says "AutoInstallLotFiles=False" (which shouldnt be difficult :) and change it to "AutoInstallLotFiles=True". Be warned though ! Files installed that way are not checked so you can install some hacks into your game. If you're not sure if you want to do not enable this option.